RxE2 is a founding sponsor of NorthStar Development Cycling. Gerald Finken, CEO of RxE2, shares our passions: competitive cycling, the development of young adults, and the joy of giving back to our communities.

Our athletes are proud of their association with RxE2. They know that RxE2 is helping patients by making clinical trials accessible to patients everywhere.

See how RxE2 vastly reduces clinical trial timelines and costs, helps patients achieve better health outcomes, and provides study sponsors with more accurate data.

”I am Specialized. We love bikes. Riding them. Making them. Getting other people on them”

We are proud to join forces with Specialized to get kids on bikes, and not just any bikes, some of the coolest bikes on the planet! We ride Epics and Stumpjumpers, Cruxes and Fat Boys but most of all we love our Tarmacs and Venges because like it says here: ALL ROADS LEAD TO AWESOME.

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NorthStar Development is generously supported by The Bicycle Chain, a local, independent and personally operated bike shop.

The Bicycle Chain’s top notch staff are bike-knowledgeable and skilled mechanics but above all, they’re just as bike crazy as we are! They know bike racing, for sure, but really, they’re proud to be a store accessible to all kinds of bike riders.

Kakookies have been a great support to our team. Now you can support our sponsors and support NorthStar Development. Order Kakookies with discount code Northstar. You receive 10% off your purchase and 10% gets donated back to Northstar Development Cycling. Who doesn't love Kakookies? We will give you a sample at our team events!


HED Cycling has been with NorthStar Development from the beginning. And not just us: We know that Anne and Steve Hed have helped generations of young athletes get started and compete at the highest level. Our team fondly remembers Steve.

Visit HED Cycling to see how HED innovators and engineers pursue the art of True Speed, where tire performance, wheel stability, drive-train efficiency, weight, comfort and of course, aerodynamics are carefully considered and balanced.

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NorthStar custom cycling kits are handcrafted entirely in the US by Borah Teamwear. Actually this world class performance gear is made just down the Mississippi… in the Coulee Region of southwestern Wisconsin… by people who ride bikes to work, make riding gear and ride home. How cool is that?!

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We appreciate the support of Banjo Brothers. We especially like our team backpacks and seat bags. (This past wet weekend we discovered just how well thought out the waterproof liner in our commuter backpacks is!)

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Lloyd’s Automotive has been a trusted St Paul community business for more than five decades. Our team’s not the only ones who appreciate Dan Burns and the Lloyds’s staff. Mpls St Paul Magazine, Minnesota Women’s Press, and AAA’s Customer Satisfaction surveys regularly award Lloyd’s their top honors.

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