Team Skills Training

Seen the Tour de France on TV? A tight quarters, high speed chess game on bikes, right? USA Cycling coaches and racers with decades of top level racing experience lead weekly clinics on group riding, pack racing, strategy, cyclocross skills, etc.

pro peloton


We don't want to go out and just ride hard (ok, maybe sometimes), we want all our riders to ride like pros in the peloton, even when they're riding easy.

group ride

Regional and National Racing

We know that young riders get better when they have quality competition. So when you're ready for it, count on it! The NorthStar team travels to top regional races and the National Championships. We have sent NorthStar teams to top international UCI Junior races and if needed, arranged for our riders to race on composite teams in these races.

It works: This year NorthStar Development athletes won 4 National Championships. No other US Cycling program has more current US National Champions.

lean into your turns


NorthStar Development is supported by a few key sponsors who share our Junior team mission. Check them out.

Bikes, racing wheels and equipment, team programming and travel, pro level custom team clothing, all are available at very reasonable cost (sometimes free) through comprehensive, multi year commitments by our partner sponsors. It is important to us that all kids who want to experience competitive cycling, can. When needed, we have provided equipment, waived fees, covered airfare, housing and done what it took to make this happen.